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We will introduce how to care for your skin
There are 5 kinds of skin, so please refer below to find which type of skin you have.
  • For normal skin
  • For combination skin
  • For dry skin
  • For oily skin
  • For sensitive skin


For normal skin

The moisture and oil on normal skin is well-balanced. Your skin isn't dry when you wake up in the morning.
The skin sometimes has trouble due to hormonal imbalance; however it usually doesn't have much trouble.

Care Instructions
You need to notice when your skin has changed.
Even if your skin is healthy, it is possible that change may happen due to changes in the weather, your surroundings, and your physical condition.

It is very important to adjust how you wash and care
for your skin when these changes occur.

For combination skin

Combination skin is both dry and oily. Your T-zone may be oily but your cheeks and the areas around your eyes are dry.
In Japan, there are many women who have this kind of skin.

Care Instructions
It is important to know which parts of your skin are dry or oily.
Depending on which part of the skin is dry and which part is oily, you need to care for your skin in different ways.
For example, oily skin doesn't need much moisture, but dry skin needs extra moisture. You need to adjust how to care for your skin to prevent problems, such as pimple which may be caused by too much oil .

For dry skin

Dry skin is dry. Your skin is dry when you wake up.
The skin doesn't have enough moisture, winkles stand out and the skin on your face looks dull.

Care Instructions
You need to wash your face only once a day, especially at night. Too much washing causes your skin to become drier.
It is important to care for your skin with lotion and beauty essence after you wash your face. After that, please moisturize your skin with cream .
Because dry skin causes sensitive skin, you need to pay careful attention to prevent dryness.

For oily skin

Oily skin has too much oil. Your skin is oily when you wake up.
This type of skin is unstable and sensitive, too, and easily has problems, such as pimples.

Care Instructions
It is important to wash your face moderately. You don't need to wash too much.
Many people who have oily skin want to wash their face many times to remove the oil.
However, too much washing can remove necessary oil and healthy bacterium that are important for keeping your skin's beauty.
This can cause your skin to secrete even more oil, resulting in more sensitive and more troubled skin.
It is important to wash your face gently and to use moisturizer moderately on your skin.

For sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is red and dry, and it is often inflamed and itchy.
The skin's barrier function is weak and has a low resistance to irritants.
The skin often has problems when the seasons change or when the weather changes

Care Instructions
It is important to wash your face once a day, especially at night.
We recommend using no make-up, and keeping your skin moisturized.
It is also important what you use on your skin. Caring for your skin incorrectly can change your skin and make it more sensitive
Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the health and care of your skin.

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