Personal counseling

Do you know the condition of your own skin?

Personal counseling Since its establishment, antianti attaches great importance to an in-depth counseling on skin condition and skin trouble. This enables us to deliver the product most suitable to each and every customer and recommend its proper use. Pimples, black heads, dryness, wrinkles, an oily T-zone, dullness, black rings under the eyes--- such skin troubles are a sign of diversion from the cycle of nature. There is always an unhealthy cause behind these problems. We are not a doctor and cannot treat them, but we, as a cosmetic maker, would like to provide you with support in all sincerity so that you can realize that without depending on make-up, you can keep your skin beautiful and healthy. We call such communication with customers Personal Counseling. It is an in-depth counseling for each and every customer provided by professional advisors.

Can we get counseling easily?

A. Yes, of course! Whoever can apply for counseling by free of charge. (It is basically only by Email) Firstly we will send you a counseling sheet, and then all please fill out the form and send it to us. Our exclusive advisors will give you courteous counseling service. In the counseling, the advisor will ask you about your skin condition and troubles, and explore the causes behind them. Then they will recommend the optimal cosmetic and its proper use. Many customers have recovered healthy beautiful skin that does not depend on make-up as a result of using our products. Our wish is that you will be filled with a feeling of happiness from the fact that your skin will shine with its own natural health and beauty. With such a wish in mind we communicate with each and every customer.

Firstly please ask us about the counseling on this web page.
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  • *In case many customers are applying for counseling, it can take some time to reply to you.

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