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Attention/Skin Care, Hair Care And Body Care

Antianti's hand-made products are made from pure, organic ingredients.
We don't use chemical substances like preservative.
We hope you will understand the true purity of our products after you receive your order.

How to use freshly

We send you the freshest products
We send you fresh hand-made products from our laboratory in Toyama, Japan.
We will send your products within 7 days after your order.
However, we may need over 2 weeks to send you your order if we become busy, following long holidays, or if your order is a special order.
Our products are all hand-made, so sometimes we may need more time to fulfill your order.

More information
Please follow the instructions to preserve our products.
Our products come with instructions to keep them fresh. Some products, but not all products, need to be refrigerated.
You can keep our products fresh if you preserve them in a cool, dry place.
If you want more information about how to keep our products preserved, please consult each product's page
Flower Aqua needs to be shaken well before use.
Shaking Flower Aqua helps to prolong its freshness.
The period of freshness
You can keep our products for up to one year if you preserve them in a cool, dry place.
Please follow the instructions to keep our products fresh after opening.
We recommend using our products as early as possible after opening.

How to use effectively.

Please don't mix other manufacturer's products with products made by Antianti.
We recommend that you should use only our products
We may be unable to give proper advice for skin problems caused by mixing other products with Antianti's products,
because we may not know what ingredients other manufacturers use in their products.

Natural ingredients like flowers, plants, and water used in our products are incompatible with chemical substances
Natural ingredients have wonderful power; however if they are used with chemical substances
that don't have oxygen and are not biodegradable, the natural ingredients lose their power.
For your skin and the wonderful power of natural ingredients,
we recommend using only our products.
Your skin needs time to reconstitute new skin.
You may realize your skin is changing for the better after using our products for about 4 to 8 weeks.
It is important to continue using our products to get new skin.
For healthier skin, we also recommend that you use no makeup on the face.
It is also important to get enough sleep and to eat a healthy diet

When you start using our products,
you may feel that nothing is happening to your skin.
Some skin may react to our products' pure ingredients,
and your skin may get dry or red.
If this problem occurs, you will find that your skin will settle down after 4 to 8 weeks, so please don't worry
We want to warn you, however, that using other manufacturer's products may cause long lasting skin problems.

Warning: Please discontinue using our products if your skin gets worse

The Ingredients

The difference is the proof of the natural ingredients.
Our products are made from pure, organic flowers and plants,
and use no chemical substances.
According to the time of the harvest and the manufacture, the product's color, the touch and the smell may vary
Our products are like wine. It is the proof of their safe natural ingredients.

As a result, our products are affected by the number of harvested flowers, so it is possible that the price and the manufacturing of the products may possibly change.
We regret any inconvenience and hope you understand.

The cancellation and exchange of products

Products ordered and received cannot be returned or exchanged.
We cannot accept any cancellations or exchanges of your ordered products, even in the cases of making wrong orders, dissatisfaction with the products ordered, or for any other reason.
standards of quality for our products. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Please confirm from the shopping guide before you order.


We don't use the costs for package, packing and publicity.

We use the highest quality ingredients sparingly for our products by saving on the costs of package,
packing and publicity.

We send your order in simple packaging,
using paper from magazines and newspaper or recycled paper
as cushioning to protect your order while shipping.

Thank you for your understanding
and cooperation.


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