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Our Policy Statements

  • We use no synthetic preservatives, synthetic coloring agents, or synthetic odorants.
  • We use the world’s highest-quality materials by reducing wasteful costs like packaging and advertisements.
  • We only use materials tested and confirmed safe by analyzers like GC/MS for antiseptics, heavy metals, pesticides and other substances detrimental to the human body.
    We never fail to analyze even materials which are certified organic.
  • We stick to our policy of making products by hand, however time consuming it is.
  • We make products 100% biodegradable after use.
  • We use plant-derived materials whose effects are verified in old literature, and whose safety and function are scientifically evident.
  • We keep the order fresh upon arrival to the customer.
    In the store we keep the products refrigerated so they stay fresh.

Genuine organic cosmetics that were certified as meeting the U.S. organic standards for agricultural products
We are Japan’s first cosmetic manufacturer to be certified by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture).