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All of antianti's perfumes are hand-made
from pure organic essential oils and absolutes.
Our perfumes do not contain any chemical substances
Before ordering, it would be ideal to understand the information regarding our products.

The difference is the proof of the natural ingredients used in our products.

We make our perfumes with pure natural flowers and plants,
with no chemical substances.
As a result, same labeled perfumes may have a different fragrances and colors
according to the time of the harvest and manufacture.
This is proof of the hand-made nature of our products.

Because of the high quality of our products and the intensive manufacturing process,
the price and availability of our perfumes may change without notice. We hope you understand.

Limited Production.

Our perfumes are a limited production. Due to the long maturation needed for manufacturing (up to 5 years),
Our perfumes are a limited production. Due to the long maturation needed for manufacturing (up to 5 years),

How to Preserve

o The condition of the perfumes is affected by changing seasons and how they are preserved. Ingredients from flowers sometimes crystalize in the bottom of the bottle.
However, the crystals will disappear when the perfume's condition is stabilized after some time.
You don't need to be worried about the quality if crystals appear in the bottle - the quality is not changed.

Please preserve the perfume at room temperature without direct sunlight at all time. o After opening the bottle, please keep the cap clean and shut the bottle tightly.


Please do not wear the perfume on your clothes. It may stain the clothing.
Please do not use our perfumes if you feel sick or if your skin shows an allergic reaction.

Cancelation and exchange.

We cannot accept any cancellations or exchanges of your ordered products, even in the cases of making wrong orders,
dissatisfaction with the products ordered, or for any other reason.
We make this policy for the purpose of maintaining the highest standards of quality for our products. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


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