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About Our Products

Q1. Do you use any chemical substances in antianti's perfumes?
A1. Yes.We don't use any chemical substances in our Parfum and Eau de Parfum.
Our products are made from organic alcohol and natural essential oils from choice flowers, plants and roots. Some of our perfumes do not contain organic alcohol.
The USDA mark is on all of our essential oils.
Enjoy their pure fragrances.
Q2. Generally, I don't like perfumes. How do antianti's perfumes smell?
A2. Our products smell like condensed flowers.
When you smell the fragrances of our perfumes, you will feel the energy of flowers growing under the sun.
This is the proof of their natural ingredients.
The vivid fragrances and purity of our products will impress you.
Q3. What do you dilute antianti's fragrances with?
A3. We dilute our perfumes with organic alcohol.
Q4. What is the difference between the Eau de Parfum and the Parfum?
A4. Both kinds of perfumes are fermented organic perfumes, but the density of the essential oils is different.
The Parfum's density is deeper than the Eau de Parfum's density, so the Parfum has a more brilliant smell.
Our Parfum comes in 10ml bottles, and the Eau de Parfum comes in 35ml spray bottles.
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Preservation period

Q1. How do I preserve the perfumes?
A1. Please preserve the perfumes in a cool place without high temperature and high humidity.
Q2. Do antianti's perfumes have a use-by date?
A2. Our perfumes don't have a use-by date.
Like a fine wine, you can preserve and mature the perfumes for a long time.
Q3. Do antianti's perfumes need to be refrigerated?
A3. Please don't preserve our perfumes in the refrigerator.
You can preserve them in a cool place, such as a drawer. Some people preserve our products in wine cellars. If you have a wine cellar, please use it to also preserve our perfumes.

Precautions for use

Q1. Can I carry antianti's perfumes with me?
A1. Yes, you can. Please return the perfumes to their regular place after going back home.
The perfumes need to be relaxed.
Q2. How long do the fragrances of the perfumes last?
A2. Our Parfum and Eau de Parfum smell for 3 to 5 hours right out of the bottle.
However, they are natural perfumes so the length of time the fragrances last may change depending on your body temperature and the weather.
Q3. What are the lumps found
in the perfumes?
A3. These lumps are crystal formations of the natural ingredients.
They appear according to the changing seasons and the temperature.
When the perfume's condition is stabilized, the crystals will gradually disappear.
If you have some questions, please feel free to ask us.
Q4. Can I use antianti's perfumes
I bought some years ago?
A4. Yes, you can. You can use our opened perfumes under regular preservation.
If the perfume is exposed to high temperatures or light over a long period of time, then the fragrance will possibly change for the worse.
However, if preserved properly, even opened perfumes can keep their original fragrance.
Q5. What is the key to a good maturity of the fragrance?
A5. Please preserve our perfumes in a cool, dry place.
The fragrance matures with the changing seasons.
Please enjoy observing the changing state of our perfumes.
If you are thinking about a genuine maturity of the perfumes, we recommend you use a wine cellar.
Q6. Can I use antianti's perfumes on sensitive skin?
A6. There are many kinds of skin types. Please do a patch test if you are worried about using our products.

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