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Q1. What does "living product" mean?
A1. We use natural ingredients like flowers and plants for our products, and no chemical substances.
Flowers and plants have natural healing, enhancing nutrition like oxygen, vitamins and minerals.
These natural ingredients are detrimentally affected by added chemical substances that don't have oxygen and are not biodegradable. If chemical substances are added to natural ingredients, the healing vitamins are weakened. The healing powers of the moisture content and minerals are also weakened by chemical substances.
We don't use any chemical substances like surfactant, synthetic perfume, artificial colorant and paraben in our products.
As a result, the ingredients in our products are alive, and bring their natural powers to your skin and body.
Q2. Do you have some free samples?
A2. I'm sorry. We don't have free samples.

Preservation period

Q1. Do all antianti's products need to be refrigerated?
A1. Almost all of our products must be refrigerated; however, there are a few products that don't need to be refrigerated.
Please use the product's information page to help you preserve the product correctly.
Q2. Why don't you use preservatives in your products?
A2. We use the power of fermentation and the maturity of the ingredients as a natural preservative for our products. These natural techniques have been used by people for centuries. We continue to use these tried and true natural techniques to preserve the natural power of our products.
By following our user instructions and preservative guidelines, our products remain fresh for your use.
Our products remain fresh for up to one year if kept unopened.
It is best to use the product regularly after opening, and to finish it as early as you can.
Please use the product's information page to help you preserve the product correctly.

Precautions for use

Q1. Can I carry antianti's products with me in summer?
A1. Yes, you can. You need to avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures
Please return the product to its regular storage place after arriving back home.
Q2. Can I use antianti's products while travelling?
A2. Yes you can.
You can take and use our products while travelling for 3 to 4 days, even if the product needs to be refrigerated.
When you take it out, please avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures, and place in a cool, dry place when not in use
Please return the product to its regular storage place after arriving back home.
Q3. Why does antianti's lotion need to be shaken?
A3. The shaking excites the water's oxygen and helps the ingredients become more active.
After shaking, the ingredients can be refreshed.
Q4. Can I use other manufacturer's products with antianti's products?
A4. We recommend using only our products. We will be unable to advise you if other manufacture's products cause skin problems because we may not be able to ascertain the ingredients used in those products, and how the products are manufactured. Our products are made from pure ingredients like flowers, plants and water, and these natural ingredients will be incompatible with any chemical substances that don't have oxygen and are not biodegradable.
If chemical substances are mixed in with our products, our products' ingredients will lose their natural power. For the sake of your skin and the pure ingredients, please use only our products.
Q5. I heard that the staff at antianti doesn't use any foundation or powder, and that they have beautiful skin.
A5. We don't use any kind of make-up or foundation.
This is good for healthy skin, and the resilience of the skin dramatically improves.
Now, our skin looks healthier and brighter than with foundation.
Q6. Does the staff at antianti use sunscreen?
A6. No, we don't.
We don't use any kind of sunscreen with high SPF or foundation on our skin for the sake of the skin's health.
Q7. How does staff at antianti avoid ultraviolet rays?
A7. It is important to correctly care your skin to keep your skin fresh and healthy.
Healthy skin is well balanced with moisture and oil. They protect the skin from outside irritants like ultraviolet rays.
They also help the skin to get and stay smooth.
It is also important to wear sunglasses and a hat, and to use a parasol when outside under ultraviolet rays. After getting sunburned, please take a good care of your skin damaged by ultraviolet rays. Cooling the heated skin, then moisturizing the skin with lotion and cream can contain the damage.
Q8. Why doesn't the soap bubble well?
A8. When you start using antianti's soap, you may wonder if this is a problem.
Bubbles burst from the remaining chemicals, make-up and dirt on your skin.
Bubbles will become more prevalent after your skin becomes cleaner and healthier.
It is important to continue using the soap so your skin will become healthier.
Our shampoo is also the same.
Q9. Which product is recommended to use for children
and pregnant women?
A9. We especially recommend our Neroli products.
The Flower Aqua Neroli for lotion,
and Organic Neroli skin oil is for moisture and massage.
Q10. Do pregnant women need to avoid antianti's Rose products?
A10. There is no problem using Rose products. They are safe to use for pregnant women.
However, we don't recommend them if you worry about using them. This may cause stress, and your feelings are important to us.
Q11. I started using antianti's products, and there is something wrong with my skin.
I'm starting to get acne.Are antianti's products not good for my skin?
A11. Some people who start using our products may get acne or dry skin.
This happens because the skin is trying to get healthy through our natural ingredients. Generally, the skin will become stable 4 to 8 weeks later when there is a healthy turnover of your skin tissue.
The skin needs a time to get healthy with products first, so please keep using them to care for your skin.
However, please stop using our products if your skin has trouble or you are worried about our products.
Warning: Please remember that we cannot properly advise you about the use of our products if you use our products with those made by other manufactures. Please contact us for more details.

What is the USDA certification?

Q1. What is the USDA certification?
A1. The United States Department of Agriculture is a US government agency
that strictly controls the certification of organic matter and food standards. The certification is well known and highly regarded, especially in the United States
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